Friday, 24 July 2009

Nettle Torture

This week i experienced nettle torture for the first time with an online master. The little plan leaves really can sting so many times i was so suprised.

I was ordered by Mistress to be online and to collect from the fields outside the city near the river as many nettles as i could and put in a bag and take home. I went there in the day and was allow to wear rubbr glove to collect them and lucky not get sting at all. When home i went online as commanded and soon one of the online Yahoo masters found me and asked what i was doing. My rules are that at home i have to be naked so i was already naked and soon told him about the nettles. He immediately told me to get gloves and put them on and prepare for torture.

I went and put on my kitchen gloves and sat on the edge of the seat ready. Sir told me to spread legs and to rub a leaf over the lips of my pussy lightly. As soon as it touch i could feel the sting from the plant, it came out in bumps right away and only touch once down the outer lips. He was pleased and told me to do more, as i did my pussy opened up on its own and my clit started to swell. These little plants were torturing me.

Then sir told me to pull back the hood from my clit and to lightly run a leaf across the exposed clit. I was scared but did as told and almost went through the roof of the apartment as the sting went straight into my clit, it swelled more and bumps came out, he said to flick more leaf across it and urged me to force it to sting me more and more, i was getting really wet and my clit was swelling more and more which i think gave him next idea.

He told me to get my clit pump and to pump my clit up to about 4cm. I put the pump on and pumped and pumped making it swell bigger and bigger. Then when about that size he ordered me to put string around the base and tie to keep it swellen.

Then i was toldto pull of the pump. That hurt already but then the master told me to take a few leaves and to wrap my clitty with the leaves and then to rub it with the leaves faster and faster. I was getting stung more and more and getting more and more excited. I was told not to cum but could not hold. I suddenly came without being able to control. Master was really mad and told me to pump myself again and get more stinging nettles and sting it totally all over the clit. The feeling of the pain was tough to take but good also, clit was swell more and more and bumps all over. Then he said he wanted me to masterbate again for him the same way. I was to grab some leaves and rub my clit with the leaves until he was happy. I started again and took about 5 leaves and put them together and then rubbed the clit slowly, he ordered me to go faster and faster and I knew i could not control again, these sensation very new and very difficult to control so was getting closer and closer to orgasm, i wanted to slow down but was not allowed to cum or to slow down. After a few more minutes of torture I came again really hard this time and was told to stop. My clit and clit area was totally swellled and stung and all night it iotch like crazy but i was forbifdden to put anything on it.

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