Friday, 5 June 2009

May 29th Slave Chihiro

Entry for May 29, 2009
Time for some torture

Hello all, and sorry not been here for some time. I been trained to extend my lips and clit for a new torture session. Every day my lips have been stretch to make them longer. Mistress hear from you that you think if my lips long they make better target. Also many request my clit bigger to be better target for torture. This was done by Mistress having my lips pulled every day for time and clit pump so to make it bigger. Now it is much larger and stick out a lot so mistress think it make good target at the club.

On Saturday I was collected from home, waxed clean and then scrubbed and then prepare. Mistress assistant tie my pussy lips to elastic and then pull them down and tie around my feet. I then had my white school socks put on and shoes. V short skirt then put on so lips are pulled down below the base of skirt and visible. Clit was then pump hard. It already big from all pumping recently but pumped to make it really stick out. Then a new pump tibe put over the clit with metal band inside, this tied to electric pack which was put on my back with battery. elastic band was then put on base of clit so it is pulled right out inside the tube and tide and pumped. Nipples were then pumped and tied by string to a stick that i had to hold in my mouth which pulled them up hard.

Mistress told me to go out to arena. I was to walk around once the arena and then to go to each master and mistress and bow. Bow would stretch me, then i am to stand and spread legs wide while stand infront of them and then bow again and offer them the switch to electrocute my clit at setting of their choice.

I bowed and enterred the arena. At each master and mistress i did as asked and was pulled and stretched and shocked repeated as i greeted the 100 guests. After I was walked to the stage and told to do splitz. I dropped into splitz and then my lips were pulled wide open. The stick still in my mouth pulling on my nipples. Mistress then had her assistant put gymnastic hand rings around up to my thighs and smaller ones over my ankles. Then my hands were tied together with rope and at wrist pulled up in the air. Then a large sound as I was hoist into the air in splitz position. My lips pulled wide apart and pussy open wide, clit was still in the pump and nipples tied to the stick in my mouth. Mistress now said that i would be tortured as i deserve and if i dropped the stick from mouth I would be tortured much harder. Also if I came without permission i would be tortured much harder.

My skirt was unzipped and removed. shoes taken off and socks. Mistress then brought a electic wand to my pussy and used it on my lips and inner lips. Then she pumped again really hard my clit. I wanted to scream but bite hard on the stick. she then pulled it off making it stretch hard. Then she undid the elastic from feet holding my lips open and allow them to drop. they are quite long and hang down. Mistress shouted to the people how my new targets were all on display. She said my long lips should bounce nice but stated that everyone should get to see. She said that my open splitz legs would make them stay open for good target practice and she thought everyone should get to enjoy. I looked at her and shook my head but knew she meant she wanted everyone to come and whip me there.

She invited Master Rioji to come up first and smiled at me, he was very good with whip. He came forwards and took the whip, his hand reached out and came close but didn’t touch me. He said ‘bite hard.. little one’ then stood back and there was a crack as the whip lashed out and hit the ends of my lips. I screamed through the bit in my mouth and before i could do anything another came and another and then one straight hard on my lips making them bounce. He smiled and said i did well. Then he changed whip and targeted my clitty, making the whip spin in circles upwards the tipe hit my clit very fast over and over making me be in so much feeling but with legs wide open i could not move or close or hide so was all there on display for him. His target was perfect and i was scared that this was only the first one. He was making me very excite and araouse and clit was swell even more. Then He bowed and the next Master came, his target not so good but crowd clap as he hit my lips hard and they bounce, he did that 5 times and one time hit clit but more by accident. Then came the next master, he was more accurate and made my clit stick out more. Then came the gothic mistress Aioki. She is very tough. She came and smiled and took her own whip from its case. She immediately made a fast movement and immediate hit my clit make it jump, Then again twice fast and i screamed letting go the bit. Then the crowd looked. Mistress said it was up to Gothic Mistress, she took out a crop and asked to adjut my position so i was in spltz and horizontal. She then took the crop and spanked my lips each one and then my clit really hard over and over making me really scream, I was so close to cum i cried out please let me cum, she refused and continued faster and fast on my clit, i wa getting closer and begging and begging and then she stopped. Then suddenly she hit my clit with the whip really hard and i almost explode. I was afraid this was only first few. Then anoeth and another and I was getting so tender. Everyone was very pleased with how my new target lips were for the whip and i was fighting not to cum. Then another mistress came and this time she concentrate on my clit, she spun the whip so the tips hit just the end of my clit and then hit nipples then clit, then nipples over and over. Then she had a major strike right on my clit making me cum. With that she took out a cattle prod and put it against my hanging lips and pressed the switch - my whole body went tight the elctric running through me and then she released the switch. I dropped down on the rings and then tried to relax and calm, cream was running from my pussy. The next mistress came and licked that up and then took a crop to my nipples, cropping them hard. She then put cloth peg on them and then took the whip to whip them off. She lashed the whip and hit nipple and the clip lsmost come off, then again and it hang on the end of my skin, then third time and it flew off. Then the masters continued to pass and whip me, many of the lesser masters blows were not so good so I could manage until all were done.

Mistress then came forwards and looked how red my pussy and niples were and how swollen my clit was. She said I should ride a new toy. she had it brought out, it was a large toy that was powered and had a series of balls that ran between two wheels. She explained to me and to the crowd that the balls were all metal and they would run at different speeds. It was like a rope with lots of balls around it some smaller, some larger on it and it ran between two powered wheels. The idea was that the girl stood over the machine and the balls would be pulled between her legs making them rub up and between her pussy lips. She said that from time to time the balls would all have electric charge passed through them and would electrocute the girl and at other times there would be none. The machine would be lubricated little all the time to keep it easy to run between the girls lips. Also there were suckers to be attached to nipples that would vaccuum from time to time and a mouth mic that would pick up noise. If the noise from me was quiet it would be on automatic, if loud the electric and suction would get more strong. She told me to stand over the machine with legs open. On the side of the machine were cuffs for my legs so I was locked in place, my wrists were tied with band cuffs and pulled upwards to stop me falling and then she pressed a button and the wheels raised so the balls were against my lips. I was shocked i thought i would be able to stand up away from it but now there was no chance. Then the cuffs and edges where my feet were moved out making legs spread wider and bringing the balls up tight at my lips. Mistress said that given i was so wet it was ok to start at slow speed and commanded the assistant to start the machine after putyting the mic on me and attaching the nipple vaccuums. The nipple vacuums were off cause they had a tie that strapped around my chest so they were always there and then as the machine sictioned they pulled on my nipples in the tubes. There was signs on the front of the machine with two lights yellow for sction, green for electric and red for noise from me which mean both others would come on and get stronger.

The machine started and the balls ran between lips, i reaised quickly that they were small and then each one got larger to open lips a lot and then smaller again and then larger and a few of them had bumps on while others were totally smooth. It started and rubbed between my legs and go faster which made me cum very quickly, the electric started also and that shocked straight on to clit and between lips making me shout but then it got more strong and the suction on my nipples make me moan so again they get more straong. It tough machine to ride and had me cum in mionutes. Then it got faster and faster and the balls between my legs changing size opening my lips wider and shocking me was hard to stand still, I knew why they tie my hands else i would fall. I came again and then a third time on the machine and then it was faster and the electric harder again and stronger and i came again, i was super sensitive but couldn’t get off the machine I cried out to stop and Mistress came and looked at me and said a few more yet. Then the electric went really high and i was totally shocked and sucked I screamed out and came again really strong thi s time, then again and again, my legs almost collaps and thenMIstress stop the machine and unhook me. She lifted me with the wrists using a pully and take the machine away. Then mistress came back while i was hanging from the roof. she asked me to open legs wide for her to inspect. I did as told. She looked and touched my pussy, it was super sensitive and my nipples sticking out swollen also. Then she without a wod spanked my pussy hard with her hand making me jump and scream out. She was happy. My pussy and clit still very swollen and nicely very red for her. She said she was happy to me and told me to go and thank the guests. She lowered me and I went and bowed and thanked everyone for their attention and kind torture. Then I went back to the stage and was told I ould leave.

March 11th 2009 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for March 11, 2009
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Today I was taken to the club and instead of waxing my pussy a flame was held next to my pussy hair growth and it was all burned off. To start it was ok but as the flame came close and closer to my lips and clit area it burned and made me shout. After I was tied ankles and chained up in the air spread wide so my legs were wide spread. Mistress then put elastic straps around my thighs and used clamps to attach to my pussy lips making me completely open. Mistress then invited Master Rioji to come out, he came close and lit candles and started to drip the hot wax inside me. I screamed and shouted and tried to grab at something. My hands were above the floor and I knew I had to take it but it dripped closer and hotter and inside me. Then he dripped on my clit which was still swell and big. This made me scream. He coated my clit with hot wax and then ran it all over my open lips and inside me to cover me with wax. When he was happy that I was coated well he walked away and bowed to Mistress.

She then made an announcement and took whip and stood back, the whip cracked and I felt a sting and some wax was taken form my pussy, then again and again. She whipped between my legs and I screamed as it tore off the wax from my lip and open pussy. This continued for about 20 stroke until all the wax gone. She then came forwards and put a sicker on my pussy and suction vacuum it to make it swell. Then one for my clit pumping hard. It got larger and larger. She measured it and it reach 3.4cm. Then Master came forwards with a new suction tube with had metal strip inside. He showed the crowd and put it on my swollen clit. He pumped to make it swell more and then attach two wires which take electric to the inside and onto my clit directly. The crowd were then asked to feel under their seat and take out a button. I looked at most of them pulled it out from the seat. Mistress then told them that the buttones were link and when they push it would send electric shock to my clit. She said there needed a test and asked one by one everyone to stand and press. Each one stood up and bowed to Mstress and press the button once which made me jump as the shock hit my clit. They all felt very good that they had this control. Then Mistress said not only they have control but the buttons when pressed together will make the shock larger. If all pressed I would get a level 10 shock. Everyone clapped and seem happy. She then said to them this was their section and she would say nothing and they would all see what they wanted. I was shaking – I knew they would all press and I would be helpless. She counted 10, 9, 8 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then they pressed and I jumped like mad. My legs went to shake almost right away and clit was being attacked by the electric. I came and felt wet, a squirt of juice had shot out of me but it didn’t stop. The buttons were all being pressed over and over and the shock hitting my little defensless clitty. I was cumming and not stop. Mistress laughed as she saw her little doll abused by the crowd again and again. I remember looking at her face tears in mine as she smiled and my clit was abused. I was told to count my cum but it was so hard cause one orgasm was follow by other. I shook and still it went through me like lightening as I came more and more. Then she stopped it and pulled the suck off me. She said that would do for now and that my pussy and clit would get more later. I was untied and sent back home.

March 11th 2009 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for March 11, 2009

I was found online by Mistress Lisa who gave me a command, the command was to pump my pussy and thn pump my clit for 5 minutes, then when it was pumped up large to pull off the sucker and whip it for ten minutes and then repeat and not stop until told. I started as ordered by mistress Lisa and soon m clit was getting larger. 1cm and then 1.5 and sticking out from it hood so each time I whipped it it was more and more tender and make me cum faster. After about 10 times Mistress went offline, I thought she would be back very fast and continued not to make her mad, I went on and on and adjust online message to show I was doing torture. Others came online and said that I must keep the clit large and whip it just with the tips of whip. I did as ordered and came so hard, after 1 hour it was about 2cm in size but Mistress still not come back. I continued on and on. 2hours, then three and still no mistress. My clit was throbbing, it was like it was jump with heart beat. I whipped and it more tender and more tender and as I pumped it became largerer. After about 4 hours my clit got to about 3cm and I have cum so many time. Still no return of Mistress, on 6th hour I passed out briefly from the whip and torture and when came round knew I must continue. Finally my session was over 8 hours and very sensitive I came so hard I gush from my pussy and then feel asleep but clit didn’t change size. Even two day after clit still 3cm. Miss Naom then order me to do more and get it largerer still. It reached 4cm+ and I came again so hard but now I can’t wear clothe cause it stick out and rubs. When I walk also it bounce and make me excited.

Want me to endure more
No leave it
Yes more lit and pussy torture
Much more - push yourself to a new level

Feb 22nd 2009 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for February 22, 2009

Electric exercise bike after school detention

School is getting to know slowly what i am, Mistress told my teacher and now he knows, he found me doing my online torture whipping my pussy in a classroom naked facing the window on the door. The science teacher cam and watched. I was not allow to stop so had to look at him while i whip my little pussy. He like what he saw and gave me a detention. Te detention was allowed by mistress and i was to tell him i wanted torture.


At detention i was told to undress completely and to climb on a bike, the bike was too tall for me but the feet where clamp into the pedals it held my tight on the seat when push down with legs, the seat was cold and had three metal strip, one bar that was rise and went between puss lips, it had a bump and a different metal near where clit was and two bars for lips. He explained i would pedal and when he wanted the charge electric made from me pedaling would be sent to my pussy. If i slow or not maintain a rythmn (speed) he would deliver a high voltage to my clit area so i must pedal fast all the time.

I started and the shock was quite hard. i felt it go through me and i got wet stright away, i pedal fast and fast and door open, in walk two more teachers and they look at me. They all sat smoking looking as i pedal and shock myself. I started to cum and science teacher shouted i was not allowed and press a button to electric my clit. i cum straight away and they tell, they electric my clit again and again and tell me to pedal faster. I pedal faster but make more charge so higher shock to my lips and clit. This continue for ages and i cum many time. They watch and i start to cry, humilitation very strong and embarass. I so red

They make me continue and one whip my tits with a whip making my nipples swell. i came again as they watch and they shock my clit as the whip my nipples. It sting and i had to comtinue. My detention lasted two hours.

After detention I was told to masterbate for them to watcg, then was allowed to go home.

Jan 24th 2009 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for January 24, 2009
Christmas back to torture session

I’ve been away for a long time, my stomach problem kept me away from the club but Mistress was happy, she say that my cookie will forget the training and that i will be like new specimen to test and tease. My return was to be CHristmas Day. It is not a big holiday in Japan so would be an event at the club. Mistress had asked me to advertise to people through flickr that I would come back and to get ideas but most came from Mistress Lisa and very few others added anything. For this she was dissapointed and may take me offline and keep for the club she said.

Mistress Lisa had sent in many idea. She always concentrate on my little pussy and especial my clitty so I knew it would be serious. She has request over 1000 whip lashes to my pussy, suction to my clit, electrocution repeatedly and also insect torture with me being opened up by device. Also she suggested blow darts to be blown into my breasts, nipples pussy lips and clit. Master Gladstone suggested beating my tied open body with Christmas tree branch and having cables light me up like christmas tree with electric.

I didn’t know what to expect but heard Mistress and Master from the club would advertise to whole SM registered members in Japan to get a good audience. On Christmas Day I was collected in the morning. I had been forbidden to masterbat or play with myself at all and not allowed to touch or use any toys on myself for last two months. Also my pussy hair was left alone to grow back so now i had a little mound of hair there. I was taken into the club back door and told to strip. I was then bathed and showered under supervision and the laid down for my puss to be waxed completely. This was done 3 times leaving my pussy area completely red and very tender. I was then patted down with poweder and wrap in dress night gown towel.

I was led out of the door and walked to the main door to enter the arena area. This told me straight away that I would be infront of many people. The doors opened and I hear the clap of many people, there were maybe 300 people in the room and written up was ‘Welcome back Chihiro’

I had my towel cover removed to leave me naked and was told to drop my head to accept the colar and leash, They tied this and then I was walked through the whole crowd for everyone to see me. While I was walked an announcement was made it was talk about me ‘Introduce my age of 18 and my background as student and that I had not been touched for two months.

Then I was taken to the stage and tied to a large ‘X’ cross, this was a new one that using power could spread me wider and wider but arms could be set vertical together or spread and legs also. They hit the button and made my hands spread about 1 metre and my legs spread then wider and wider and wider until I was nearly in splitz position with my little pussy completely opened for them. Mistress came and grabbed my breast and pulled it hard, then pulled really hard on my nipples making me scream. Then she slapped me with her hand on my pussy and told me to beg to the audience.

I shouted out ‘Please I am sorry I have been away, your slave is back now, please torture and punish my body and my little pussy to make you all happy’

The audience all clap and cheer and with that a table was brought out with many devices and whips on. Mistress announced that before things were taken too far that she thought all should have the chance to whip me. She invited the audience to come up one by one in order of seats from back to front, the would be invited to chose their whip or flogger and then to pick a body plkace to target. All in back rows - bronze members would be allowed 1 strike, all silver 3 strikes and gold 5 strikes. Platimum member would be allowed single tail also and would get 10 each but there only 20 of them. My mind was run, try to add up how many hits could this be.

300 people, roughly 100 bronze, 75 silver, 100~125 Gold and 20 platimum. I was scared cause it meant worse case my little pussy would get over 1000 lashes from the audience and starting from low members to high meant that the more experienced would get me later when my already warmed up and tenderised to be more sensitive.

Mistress then announced that anyone who made me cum from the whip would get promotion to higher membership and if done by a platimum member they would be involved later in the afternoon to do more. My pussy area was still tender from the waxing so i felt very vulnerable and my legs opened so wide my pussy became easy target. I knew some would target breasts also. Master of the club pressed another button and a pad behind my bum inflated to push my pussy forwards and out and then pulled my arms back to expose my breasts more. I was completely tied and helpless now. The Mistress called the first row of Bronze members.

Most of them laid hard on my lips opening them, they already red from the wax. Eight made me cum and were put to one side. Then came silver, these more skill and placed some hard whippings on pussy and nipples. of these 6 more made me cum, these were put on one side. Then gold, several took a flogger and used their 5 strikes hard others using a whip with short handle to get some really hard strokes, I came hard and they passed the whip between them fast to keep whipping while i came. 4 more times i came really hard. Then platinum. These got more whips and the single tail came out. I was afraid, this really stung hard. It came fast and hard and hit my clit repeatedly making me cry and scream. Several made me cum and one made me squirt by placing 10 continued direct single tail stike on my clitty. Mistress loved it and the crowd also.

Next came electricity, I was moved into a different position and electric wand place between my hard whipped pussy. Now Mistress used the electric higher and higher and constantly on my clitty and lips and nipples making me cry out and scream even more. The feelings on level 4 was how i remembered level 10. She lifted the setting to 5 and then 6 and I was shaking as the electric really bit me making my whole body throb. Then as I started to shake and my body started to cum it got more and more intens. She lifted the level up to 7 and I squited across the stage but that made me cum again then i passed out. I came too cumming again and she hadn’t stopped at all. Then she spun the weel to see what number came. She announced as it spin that the number would be how many times i had to cum before the next session started. The number was 11. I was terrified, she then asked the crowd. She said that under their seat was a vote button unit. They all should enter the number 1 to 10 to see how high the electric should be. Everyone voted abd i almost knew it would be a high number. She looked at a handset and then after a few minutes she said it was done. All the time my pussy was being zapped at level 4. The number was 8. Not as bad i expect but still high. I was to be made to cum 11 times on level 8. I thought it would all be ok, but then she asked the master to bring out the new zapper. It was really quite large and builds up fast to deliver a zep charge into the selected point. She showed it against paper zapping it was clear to see a spark jump it looked scary. She said that Mistress Lisa calls me her clitty slave so these would be used on my clitty. The machine was moved between my legs. My hood was pulled back and then tied, then a clamp circle was brought in. It looks like a Indian Dream catcher, Mistress says it is a dream catcher when used on my pussy cause when opend up I deliver dreams to people. The circle band has clamps all round inside and these are attached to my lips making me spread wide wide open. The machine was then positioned just away from my epose clitty and before turned on i was told that I need to thank everyone after each orgasm. She turned on the machine and there was a sound which was strange getting higher pitch then zap! it zapped me, then again and again and again then i came I thanked the audience but just before I could finish it started again i finished thanking and screamed as it continued to zap my clitt which was now more sensive. The again and again I thanked them then again it hit me I screamed it was too much and I came only a few times so far, the electric continued and my body was throb as the zaps came more and i came over and over. I felt it would never end and Mistress was there by my side laughing as I came and my body jumped more and more. Then i must have passed out and come back again to more zapping then Mistress turned it off. She looked at me and moved to my front and said I was a bad girl, I had missed the fully thanks message twice during the eleven times I came. I was then brought down from the cross and told to walk around and allow pople to look at how red i was, I walked through the crowd spread leg and allowed people to see which was very embarassing. Then I was laid on my back and my legs brought up and over so my knees were on the floor by my side pushing my butt and pussy into the air, then I was told to put my feet behind my head which I did fully exposing me again. My feet were tied in place together behind my head and a pad put under to lift my till my bum and puss were up in the air. Then a bucket brought out and slugs put on my legs to see where they would go. Slime horrible things they moved and i could feel them on my skin moving, some got closer and closer to between my legs and thighs and then one reached my pussy and went over my lips, another over my clit and lips, they all sem to be going n that direction towards my tender senitive place, I din’t know why but the crowd all seem very happy. It make me shake and i hate it. Then they were removed and a vibe was held next to me making me wet again until i came once more. Now a specalum was pushed inside holding me wide open, it was a strange one like never seen, it had four fingers and as wound open it pulled in different direction opening me up but not like usual. I was very open and the top was not right against my lips but in the air. Mistress said this was special to open me up for the insects to be able to crawl on their own, he said that they teested many and found that they would not crawl across plastic or metal so this had been made. It was locked in place. Then a metal clamp was attached to my clit and wired to a machine. She said that ants would be allowed to walk around and see where they went. The clamp was that i could be electrocuted but lightly which would aggrovate the ants for fun. I cried and begged them not to di this. I hate ants and they scare me. I was told to be quiet and was then gagged to stop me. Then the ants were put on my body, I could feel lots of things moving but had no idea where they were, a camera was brought in to allow the audience to see what was happening and could hear the crowd noise, then my clit was zapped and i suddenly felt more, the crowd laughed as the ants ran into me like a safe hole, then she added millipedes, they tickled and i screamed as I hated them, crawling things going in and out of me while people laughed and watched. It seemed to go on forever and then I screamed as it was clear they were now biting the juice from my pussy lips. This really hurt, like small clamps they bite and bite and bite and i could do nothing. I scream and tried to beg mistress to stop but nothing was heard cause the gag. I shook my head but still nothing. They bit me more and more and Mistress laughed. The crowd clapped as I was in a total himiliation state with insects crawling in and out. Then again the electric driving them crazy. Then she stopped and said it was enough. She got a high p[ressure hose and blasted water into me and over me and washed out the ants. Then she removed the gag and stared into my eyes which were wet and almost crying. She said now it was time for something nice but before that the curcle clamp was to be removed, she grabbed it and pulled it hard wrip[ping all the clamps off my pussy in one go and making me scream like hell. She asked me to stand, untied my legs and allowed me to stand up, she tied my hands behind my head and then told me to straddle a sadlle like device. I had sen them before, it was a large vibe chair. She called it by name but I was worried and not listen, I sat down and the vibe was placed against my clit and lips and then turned on, they turned it up but only until i started to shake, not too high to get maximum feeling. I was super sensitive now and was coming really fast. This felt nice and really made me so wet, it was still torture but now was nice and enjoyable, I was allowed to cum 3 more times before it was stopped. I was allowed a few minutes break and then was told it was game time. Now the platimum members who managed to make me cum were brought back on stage. long thin pipes were brought out like music flute but thinner. I was tied against a wall and was told that now i was to be a dart board. There were two kinds of darts, some just clinical darts that could be fired at me, others would be dipped into heat cream which would make them burn. There were 100 darts, 40 to be fired at breasts and nipples, 20 at my bum, 20 at my pussy lips and 20 at my clitty.

Nov 29th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for November 29, 2008

Thanks all for your comments all kind and cruel. Especially the one saying I should have a cattle prod putr in all my holes. That sounds rather extreme :)

Well Mistress at the club announced to me that she is not unhappy that I have not been there for a month and all my torture had stopped, the reason was just announced. She wanted me to forget the limits we had reached and then use me again as a fresh slave. Today doctor examined me and noted that my little puss lips had gone competely back to normal size, not long and stretched anymore but small and tight. My clit had gone back to pink and my nipple less swollen. She said it will be great to torture me again becauise I will not know the pain that i can endure and i will scream and cry as my body receives a new level of torture.

She has asked MIstress Lisa to devise a plan for me. An honor that MIstress ILsa is very happy about and is working on now. Also my mistress asks yuo all for comments in my blogg or in flickr to tell her what you want to soo. She will be final judge but interested to see what you all have in store for me. I of course have to ask yuo all just to humiliate me more.

Hope you are well and sorry I have not been here much. I am getting better and will be back soon.

Karen xxx

Nov 23rd 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for November 23, 2008

Sorry all I have been ill so my body and my little puss have not been trained or tortured for the last weeks. I will return soon.

Forgive me.

Mistress wishes for ideas on my welcome back punishment

October 23rd 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for October 23, 2007
Entry for October 23, 2007 magnify

I was walked through the crowd with my head down but told at each one to lift my head and face my teachers, I looked them in the eye, they looked at me and smiled and looked at my breasts and between my legs, the mistress commented that my pussy was fresh and shaved and waxed so it would be more tender. She then announced that it responded very well to whipping and stimulat and that my clit when pumped became a great target here in the school grounds at my old high school. I was then taken back lay on a table like an altar, my back flat on the altar my legs were lifted up and pushed back till they were almost at head level and then tied to the ground, my hands tied now to the outstretched spreader bar. I looked and saw that now my ass and pussy were completely presented for anything. I was afraid the mistress came and opened and closed my pussy a few times, the cold air was easy to feel on my inner lips. Another table was brought close and the whips and clamps and suction devices laid on it. My head was then balanced forwards to ensure I could see the face of my abuser and that he could clearly see my face.

“The mistress then announced, here she is, spread and ready for you. Do not hold back, who will be first?”

Me English teacher came up and looked at me, he walked around and paid the Mistress and then took the hand whip, he immediately target my ass cheeks and each 3rd stroke hit across my lips and ass together. He all the time look at my eyes and smiled.

Then came Japanese language teacher, he took the hand whip also and hit first my puss and then my ass and then came to target my breasts and hit them many times. All so far was not so hard.

Then came history teacher, he took the clamps and clamped my nipples, then told me “Shout and beg me to whip between your legs!” ‘Do it”

I said, ‘Please beat me Kenichi Sensei’

“He shouted – tell me where and beg for it!”

I shouted back ‘Please Kenichi San, please beat me between my legs in my tender place’

Again he shouted tell me what it is.

‘Please beat and spank my Neko, My Pussy’

With that, he whipped my pussy hard and fast until it was red, he looked at my lips as then bounced to the whip and in my eyes as I grit my teeth each time the whip landed there.

The Mistress then came and announced that nobody seemed to be showing much passion to this, but just as she said that the gymnastics teacher came up and took the clit pump, he pumped my clit till it was huge and realy hurt, then pull off and pump again and again till it stay up. Then he attach clothes pegs to clit and pussy lips. He then take the whip and shout “Tell me to whip them off”

I screamed, he shouted again ‘Say it!’

I shouted “Whip thyem off please sir”

He lean back and the whip come really hard and the clit clip fly off, then again and I came immediately screaming as he hit agin and again until the pegs all come off. The he pump again and attach another peg on my clit and lips. Then he started agin, the whip came down and wripped the peg off my clit but it did not come completely off, it move and bite hard on my clit itself, he hit it with the second swipe and it flew off and I screamed and came again. Then he hit at my lips and made them open up wide as he whipped.

Then up came the science teacher, he took the pegs and pegged open my pussy lips, making them completely open, then he started to whip them. After 100 whips and me coming twiuce, he then took the clamps off and replace them with metal ones, then attach electrod and electrocute my pussy lips in bursts, then he start to whip again my clit whil I am being electrocuted. He whip and whip my open pussy, the whip hit the electrodes and he turn them up, my pussy shaking, legs shaking violently and start to scream and he continued more and more, each time harder and harder. My pussy was bright red. Others came to watch, I hear them saying ‘Look, watch her clit jump when the whip strikes’, and ‘look at her face when he strike her clitor’

When he was done I was bright red. Then after everyone had done I was untied and told to go and walk before them with no clothes and no restraints and to masterbate for every one. I walk up to the first one and stand with legs spread, I start to masterbate and my legs and feet slide in the mud, I masterbate until I cum hard while looking at him as ordered. Then the next one. I feel totally humiliated and my pussy is so sore, I masterbate for them one by one and they all smile, I cum and then move on, my feet slipping on the mud, my body cold, my nipples standing out hard.

After all the masturbation I am taken back to the front and told to accept mistress torture for them to watch. Now she takes a electro ball and push it inside my pussy and then pumps my clit again, when it is pumped hard she tied a lasso style string around it over the sucker and pulled to hold the blood in my clit. Then she pull off the sucker so my clit stay very swollen. Then she attach a croc clip in metal that has an aletrod on it to my clit, then she apply pads to my thighs and inner thighs around pussy and near each nipple. Then she tun them all on. I was shaking uncontrollably, the science teacher was thrilled, he came to see I was shaking and my body convulsing, then she tirn on the one inside my pussy, make me jump. Then she say, I have to walk around past everyone and if it fall out of me or anything come off then we start the whole night again.

I started to walk and hold my pussy tight squeezing but as I do it makes the shocks inside more intense and the clit one is making me cum as I walk so I am almost lose control. I cum and continue to walk and the pressure and shock is intense, I cum again from the clit stim and then the shocks inside me together, I walk on and again cum from the clit shocker, it is so intense. I managed to walk past everyone and then get back to the altar, I am told to stand on it and she will turn the elecodes right up to 100% I have to take it for count of ten. She tun it up and I shake and scream out loud she counts and everyone counts, 1, 2, I cum hard, 3, I cum again, 4 then again, 5, 6 then again, 7, 8 and again twice this time my whole body shaking and me screaming like hell, 9 then I cum again and she pulls off the clit peg as she hits ten and I scream loud and cum really hard and then collapse.

Oct 21st 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for October 21, 2007
Entry for October 21, 2007 magnify

Last night I went to the club and was greeted by a surprise, quite a strong surprise. Those of you who have followed my learning as a slave will know of my early dream and what excited me but never imagined things like this could come through.

I went to the club and it was empty apart from a few people. As usual I was taken by mistresses private slave and waxed this time and then shaved to ensure all hair gone. Then I was blind folded and my IPOD put in my ears and switched on lod and then a hood put over me. I was then cloaked or wrapped in something and taken out of the club, I felt the cold as we went outside and then to the car, I was belt tied and then taken somewhere, it was quite a way. When I arrived the car stopped and the door opened for driver but I was left there listening to my IPOD. After a while the door opened and I was taken out of the car, it was cold and dark, I came into an area of strong light that shone through the blind fold, my hood was then removed and the IPOD turned off. I was quite cold it is Autumn, and I was naked benieth the cape or blanket. I was still blind folded, I hear lots of voices and then was taken and walkede around still in my cape, my feet on mud and wet and squelching so new I was in a field or on grass. Then I was taken to the front and an announcement made.

“Here she is, back as she wished for you, she dream of this, wanted this and we have brought you here to enjoy!”

“She is 18 still, you remember her, the girl who was shy but trouble, she joked and perhaps you had ideas of things to do but could not, then she left and came to us, and this is now your and our creation”

“And so let us unveil her”

At that my cape was removed and I stood with my hands over my pussy and arm across my boobs, there was a cheer and lots of talking.

“So we will follow her lead, here are implements to enjoy, electric wands, zap sticks, hand whips, clamps, clothes pegs”

“You can bid for to come and try”

“But unlike usual show, tonight the price is special, 100Y so you can all afford”

“We start at 100Y for spank, 500Y for whip or crop on body, 1000Y for whip or crop or Zap to her private areas”

“Now she must be shown to you – you need to know what you are to have access to”

I was then had my legs spread wide and a spread bar put between that was huge, I almost split, then my arms taken and tied behind my head and clipped to my neck color this showed my boobs off best and allowed my puss to be displayed. A vibe was placed between my legs and on my clit and I was to stand on the gound, my legs slipping it forced on my clit, I came hard and screamed as I came and begged to be allowed to cum until mistress allows me. Then my blind fold removed.

Now mistress came and walked me forwards, my legs staggering my pussy and boobs complete on display, as I moved on the wet floor I could barely walk. The crowd came to view. OMG it was my teachers, it was my dream, they were here sitting and looking. Not all but 8 of them. I was horrified.

Next part shortly..

Oct 18 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for October 18, 2007

So it seems you all wanted me to masturbate naked outside, Well I did this today but is also seems that the club master and mistress read my site cause they helped. I was called to the club today, shaved ritually as usual and then put into shoes and a rope tied around my boobs and then tied off at waist with the rope running between my legs and up to my neck, when I stand up straight the rope pulls right up between my pussy lips and cuts into me and as I walk it rubs back and forwards.

I was then bundled into a car with a raincoat on and taken off to town. On arriving I was taken out to a mall and walked in my raincoat through the mall and around the mall, as I walked the rope pulled between my legs and rubbed my clit making it swell, I kept being told to stand up straight which pulled the rope even tighter, then mistress from work said we would go shoe shopping as she knew how fond of clothes and shoes I am, I was taken into a shoe shop and some very high heel boots were selected, I was not allowed to speak unless spoken to by mistress, the assistant, a pretty woman cam and asked if I wanted to try, mistress said yes and unbuttoned the base buttons of my coat, I was then told to sit and to lift my leg to allow the woman to put the boots on me. I could see as she lifted my leg she could see I was naked then she must have seen the rope through my lips, I was red and embarrassed. I was then asked for the other leg and mistress told me to lift my knees up high to help which of course put me on display. The I was told to stand and in the middle of the shop asked to walk up and down, then they chose another set of boots, like stripper boots this time with super high heel like 6-8 inch. These were thigh high si the girl really needed to gain access to me to fit them and her hands came very close to the rope between my pussy lips which made me wet. Then when fitted I was told to remove my coat and walk up and down in the shop to show mistress how I looked, I undid the jacket but she took it right off me and I was made to walk completely around the shop and as I passed people I was told to stop and stand up straight, the high heels made the rope really pull up between my lips and then I was told again to walk so the rope rubbed, I was thoroughly embarrassed but also desperately excited. Then I was told to sit and to open my legs wide for the boots to be removed, the lady removed them and was staring at my pussy which was wet. I was so embarrassed, then I was told to stand again and put my coat on and leave. I was then walked through the mall and out and across the fields to the park, I waa told to strip and the ropes removed. Then I was told to kneel, knees apart and to masturbate as per my blogg. I rubbed and came 3 times but then they said they liked the idea of the whipping so took out a whip and had me arch up my back and keep my legs spread for a pussy and clit whipping which I then took. I cam 11 times more from the pussy and clit whipping usually as the whip hit my clit but they would not stop. Several people came and walked passed and watch as I was tortured publicly and then left and walked on while I was left there in the mud and rain, the whip stung more than usual as it hit my bare pussy in the rain, the rain make it sting more. When finished I had came about 23 times and 7 people had come to watch, then I was allowed to wear my coat and go home.

Oct 26th Slave Chihiro

Entry for October 26, 2008

sorry to all fans mi was taken to USA for a week by mistress to a pony show. I was made to disply and trot in pony boots with my clit tied and pulled and my nupples on string tied to mu mouth. It was embarassing to be looked at. Being oriental i got lot of attention. Many wish to look at me. I was ordered to masterbate and did while they watch and clap. Then I was ordered to spread legs and be whipped till i came. It was less intents than home in Japan but locally they seemed to like it.

More soon



October 6th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for October 06, 2008
Entry for October 06, 2008 magnify

Tonight i was found online and a mistress changed my exercises. She insisted elastic tied to lips and clit clamped and elastic tied to my toes and then i was to do stretch and squats. If it came off i was to shorten it. I had to do this for two hours. It stung and pulled and my clit was pulled like hell. It was so sensitive after the torture that I came over and over and over.

She also suggested I get my clit pierced, she seemed to think this would suit my torture and give mistress chances to do things more to me. Also she likes the idea thta i have operation to remove my clit hood. She want to know what you all think about this.



October 6th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for October 06, 2008
I was checked by the doctor today, tested for damage and sesetivity. Doctor does many tests on my body and on my pussy lips and inside and my clit. Mistress was very very hapy as the result was i am gettng more and more sensitive. He test my clit with pin and when it just touch me i cum. She thought this was great and was very happy how many times i can cum at last session. she says I am good girl for this torture session. She welcoes you all to say what you want done next and give ideas

Sept 6th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for September 06, 2008

Today Mistress had a new task because many of you noticed at my last session for step dad which was too embarassing for me, i went home and could not believe what happened. but i came without permission and without punshment. Mistress said my punishment would be to go shopping. she says she will dress me again the same but this time my clit will be tied with thin elastic to one toe on one foot and my lips tied with a clamp to the toe on other foot so as i walk i will have my pussy and clit punished.

She also wants to here if you would add anything? I am scared to ask you all but I have to so write and tell her.



Entry for August 31, 2008

Punishment day

Today Mistress ordered me to the club, I was freshly waxed and then dressed in my school uniform but they changed my skirt, it was shorter than ever, so short it was unbelieavable embarrassing. Then a bell was fastened to my clit with a tiny clamp and I was pushed infront of a mirror. My black shoes, white knee high socks, blue pleat skirt that was length just to cover (just) my pussy, then my white blouse short to just meet the top of the skirt and my tie. A long coat was wrapped round me and I was then taken to the car and a cover put on my head. We arrived at the back of a building, it was the reer service entry. I was taken into a lift and up to one of the high floors, then pushed through some corridors and into a room, then my mask was removed. I saw a large meeting room like board room. Mistress told me to stand in the corner hands behind head, she wasn’t happy with that so told be to climb up on the table and stand legs sholder width apart, then hand up and behind head which make my skirt rise so as t uncover my pussy. There I was in board room or meeting room with school girl uniform and pussy on display with my lips hanging down and a bel on my clit. I stood there like that with the hood on an dthen the door opened and in walked some people, I heard gasps and comments and laughing but then I heard my step dad’s voice. I was horrified. Mistress announced that this was the celebration that they had asked for to celebrate. She said that this young girl would perform for them. They asked my step daddy if he was happy, he had no idea it was me and immediately commented that it was perfect. I felt a can between my legs teling me to widen, I widened them making the skirt come up even higher exposing my bare pussy, then a few comments from the Japan businessmen happy to see me. Mistress said I was well trained and that my lips were especially long to which they all agree. Mistress then used the cane to move the bell making it ring out. I was then told that iwas to finger my pussy, I began to do as Mistress commanded while people commented how juicy my pussy was getting, Mistress said I was not allowed to come but was not allowed to slow down, I was right on the verge and waned so much to cum but not allowed, I kept rubbing and rubbing and begged to let me cum but she denied it, the she said I was to strip off my skirt and blouse and take off shoes then kneel down and lean back with my legs spread. I did as she commanded and then the bell was removed, then I was told to remove my hood. I did as told and looked and saw my step dad and his colleagues. Then Mistress passed me a whip and said that my lips would make a nice target but that I was to whip myself. I did as told and startd to whip my little pussy, Mistress said I should whip harder, I came almost immediately an my juice leaked out on the table which made people smile, I was told to look at the manager (my step dad) as I whipp myself harder and harder, my pussy lips jumped with every hit and started to open more and more. I was then hitting it and it was getting more and more red. I came gaain and again till I was lay in a pool of juice on the table. Then I was told to stop. The whip was then passed to each of the men but not my step dad and they all had 5 stroke each. The step dad was given a large electro wand and asked if he wanted to use it on my clit. He nodded. Mistress told me to pull back the skin and keep pulled back to bring my clit out from hood. I pull up and it pop out and then step dad leaned forwards, he turned the wan up to 8 and put it on my clit making me jump, I was just about to cum straight away when Mistress again said I could not, I had to beg, I tried to resists but could not, my clit was being electrified with me almost naked on a table in my step dads meeting room I couldn’t resist any longer and begged him, I asked ‘Please let me cum… please’ he said no and continued to electrocute my pussy, then he ran it along my lipsand then back on my pussy. Then he said he wanted to put in side me and count to 10. I cred out and Mistress said – yes allowed. He turned the dial up to 10 and pushed the wand inside my pussy and I started to count, 1, 2, 3 then I cam really hard and over and over and I could not count when I finished cum about 5 times he took it out. Mistress said I stopped count and ordered it to be done again. She said I was to count to 10. he pushed it inside and I started to count, I got to 6 and came 3 times then almost lost contro then on 7 came again, then 8 and 9 and then on 10 he pulled it out and put it right on my clit and I came again really strong. He stopped and handed it to Mistress who thn told me to look him in the eyes and thank him. I thank him but then Mistress said it was not enough and I had to show how thankful. She said I had to masterbate and handed me some cream. the cream was sqeeze on my hand and I started to rub but then screamed, it was muscle rub and I had put it inside me and on my clit, I was almost crying, my pussy sore and on fire and then she told the people it was muscle rub. They clapped and I was told to make myself cum 3 times and I could stop. I rubbed and ranm finger on my clit bud and came once hard, then second time, I was on fire and so senstitive my clit well like crazy then I came third time. She the took the coat and covr me and told me to get up and leave. I stood up and was made to bow to everyone and then we left.

Aug 17th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for August 17, 2008

After 3 weeks of stretching nd hanging weights my lips are now longer, we had a ceremony at club recently to start the Olympics, it was Olympics SM to see which girls were best some had to endure things different, for me it was more pulling on lips and clit. I was taken to the club ad when it was my turn I was taken out and shown to the crowd, then weights were hung from my pussy lips tied to them by tight clamps and I was stood to one side, another girl was brought out and she too had weights attached, then they brought two poles, I not understand what they were, then the third pole was brought a flexible one and I realized it was high jump. We were to compete against each other jumping over the pole naked with weights tied to us. They announced to the crowd, each successful jump by both would add two things, more weight to our pussy and lift the bar.The other girl was a Russian named Nat, she looked at me, she had long legs so it would be harder for me but I thought I may have chance. They said that the winner would go to next game, the loser walk a rope between legs with electric on the rope for amusement of crowd.

We were told to start, Nat ran up screamed as the weights tug on her lips and jumped, she made it over the pole and land on the padding mat. The audience clapped and cheered and then my turn. I ran to the pole and jumped and made it over too, running with the weights was not easy and when jump you can feel them pull on the lips, also when landing they pulled hard. Again people clapped, we were brough to the front and more weight added to us both and then the pole was lifted. The Mistress announced to all that if we failed at the same height we would have second chance and if still both failed we would both face the punishment. More weight was added and I felt my liups pulled down as I stood with legs open, my lips awere already longer than nat’s and the weights hang down so could hit the pole also. Again Nat ran up and clear the pole but screamed loud as she went over the pole. Then my turn, I ran up and jumped high and cleared the pole also but the weight really pulled on my lips and as I fell when I landed the weight came off. The crowd cheered but Mistress stood forward and said – one rule she forgot to mention, if the weight came off we would be forced also to walk a knot rope to make us even more tender. I was led by Mistress forwards and a knot rope raised up the length of the stage area – about 10metres. She stood me next to it and asked them to make it tight, at the ends the club staff turned the handles to tighten the rope, then she asked it to make it belly button high. I was then told to lift leg over the rope and stand with it between my legs, it was tight up between my lips and the weights were positioned eighet side of the rope. I was then told to walk one length. I started to walk but the rope really pulled between my lips, the rope was rough, I think it is called hemp. I walked past first knot, then second, each knot go between my lips and pull open my lips more making the rope re position between lips and pull against my clit burning it, I was right up on toes and walked the rope scream as it pull between my lips, the crowd very pleased. When I reach the other end I climb off the rope and stood still. Then more weights added and the pole lifted again, Nat already had more weight and was told to jump, she said no and so they pushed a cattle prod to her ass and electric shock her. She screamed and then ran for the pole and jumped, she cleared the pole but when she stood up the weight also came off. She had it put back on and was led to the rope. The rope was lifted as her legs higher than mine and then she was made to walk it also. She lifted her legs over the rope and it was repositioned with the weights, she start to move and then stop screaming and start to cry, cattle prod again was pushed to her ass and pressed so she walked forwards, the rope burning between her pussy lips as she walked, each knot she scream as it make the rope burn the clit more there. When finish she stand off the rope and come back to my side. More weight was added and the pole lifted. This time we both made it, again more weight was added Nat jumped but knocked off the pole, I jumped and also knocked off the pole. Both of us looked at each other eyes red and pussy stretched. Nat ran again and jumped and this time she made it. I shook my head and knew this was the time I need to jump high, I ran up and jumped I cleared the pole but landed and realize something was wrong, the wight had come off while I jumped. Mistress said that this was bad and meant that on second jump I lost, but she said that this also meant more punishment should be added. I went and hug Nat who was then taken back. I was taken to front of the stage and a sucker put on my clit to make it swell, it was sucked hard and then I was put across a new rope, this time I could see the rope was wrap in a wire that ran along the rope so it could have electric, where the wire was at the top the rope it would electrocute my upper lips and clit and at the base my inner lips and legs. I was told to step over it, I did and it pulled right up between my lips, the electric was turned on and I screamed as it shocked right between my lips, then I felt the prod in my ass and I started to walk, my clit was on fire from being pumped up and exposed and the wire shocke my inside make it hard to walk on top topes but if I lower my feet the shock is more strong. I walked as quick as I could and reached the end. Then Mistress told me to turn and walk back. I turned and pleaded with Mistress to let me go, she smiled and shouted stop to everyone. She aked Master to bring out a black hat and told me to reach inside and chose, I pulled out a slip of paper, Mistress took it and then told me to continue my walk. I had no idea what the paper was so turned walked back to the other end having my cliy and pussy stretched open and burned by the rope I came as I walked and as I came the shock got even worse, I guess cause the liquid but it stung like hell making me cum again. At the end Mistress took the paper and said. This will be fun, we will see you later and I was taken home.

Entry for July 24, 2008

many have requested an update, my lips are now being stretced day and night and are really getting longer, it is a strange feeling that now i move wit hthe weights and feel them hit my legs. Also I was given a new punishment to do jumping jacks again. \it hurts and really hurts my lips when the weights bounce, doing just one hurts a lot but i have to do 6 per day and if the weights come off i have to start over

July 19th - Part 2 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for July 19, 2008

Punishment Part 2

Mistress said that my lips were pretty but they were a problem, she said that for audience and for people punishing they want to see that the whip / crop or whatever is being used is actually spanking my little pussy, therefore having really tight lips is a real problem. She told me that we need to try to modify them , not completely so to scare me but before punishments I was to make them longer by hanging weights for a week on them, she then gave me a new seat, it was like for old people but had a gap so I could hang the weights through the hole and stretch my lips when I was studying. Each day I had to at home clamp my pussy lips with tight clamp and add weights and sit on a new seat. She then gave me the weights, they were really quite heavy and raising in weight fom heavy to really shockingly heavy, I could not believe my lps could take it. She said I was to do this every day for the week.

To be sure I understand she told me to attach them right then – I stood up and put the clamps on each lip, they alone hurt. Then I take the hooks and put the hooks on and attached the weights. Then lower them slowly until they hang. They pull my little lips right out from my pussy and down. She smiled and looked really happy. She said that weights level 1 should be wear for 1 hour, then weight 2 for 2 hours and then weights 3 for 3 hours every day, so total I had to wear for 6 hours per day. It is a lot and would change my schedule. She said I could take them off for nothing. If someone came I was to answer the door but could only wear my robe. I nodded and agreed. She said it starts now!. She then sat down to do some work on her laptop and told me to go get drinks, I had to move around with the weights hanging from my pussy lips and puling on them all the time. It was hard, they were heavy and puling a lot. I got the drink for mistress and then took them in trying to walk carefully, Mistress saw me walking slowly and said ‘That won’t do’ she said I was not doing things normally. She took her drink and then said that I was to stand up and swing my hips back and forward until she said I could stop forcing the weights to pull and swing on my lips. That really hurt, the clamps dig in and the wights make the lips pull hard. She kept me doing that for about 30 minutes, then told me to crouch by spreading knees and bending and then standing again and to do that until she said stop. Again this torture continued for about 30 minutes, then I was told I could sit on the new chair. Later I was told to change the weights to the heavier ones but there was a surprise that I did not expect, she said I had to remove the clamps and replace with middle size clamps before the mid weights and then again for the large and had to ensure I did it this way. Taking off the weights the blood rush back to the lips but then removing the clamps they stung like hell. She said I should not wait and put the larger clamps on straight away. The clamps looked scary and she told me to stop shaking and get on with it. She said if I didn’t put them on fast enough then she would put them on for me. I grit my teeth and put them on and then attach the hooks and the mid level weights. This time my pussy lips feel almost like someone try to pull them off. It hurts a little and is uncomfortable, hard to move around but I know that she was testing me. She ontinued to work and I went about my study etc for 2 hours then she looked up at me and smiled and told me it was time for the heavy ones. Removing the weights again was crazy and the clamps really sting as they come off, the larger clamps dig in like crazy and the large weights really pull my lips down a lot, they are really pulling down a long way with these big weights. I knew that this was only day one and I had to do this every day.

July 19th 2008 - Seave Chihiro

Entry for July 19, 2008

Punishment part 1

For running away I was taken to a golf course with Mistress, she talked to me as we walk the first hole and then at the second hole she told me to strip, I looked at her thinking she joke, but she commanded strip!, I started to remove mo clothes until I was naked, then was told to put on knee pads and gloves and then to get on hands and nees. I then had a spread bar put between my ankles and another between my knees to keep my pussy on display. They Mistress added a blind fold and a leash to a collar on my neck so I was bare and blind and said I was to crawl round the course with her and do as told. At the third hole as we walked to the start place, there were a crowd of japan businessmen waiting there. I crawled with mistress to them and she commanded me to turn my back to them to display my ass and to finger myself for them while they wait. I was totally embarrassed and could only hear voices but did as told. We continued and she talked to me through the course, I didn’t hear so many people but occasionally could hear the carts pass us and a few people pass comments. Later I heard many voices, I guessed we were at the club house, she told me to turn over and lay on my back, the spreader bar forced my legs open so my pussy was completely on display. Then, Mistress told me I was to play with muself until told to stop, I heard steps and voices and clapping and I started to touch myself while laying there on my back, no idea how many people were watching me or if they were pre-arranged club members or golf players out to play who got a free show. I was about to cum and Mistress said to me. Chihiro dear, don’t you come, not without my permission and don’t you dare slow down. I was building and building to an orgasm and could not slow, I now if touch myself lighter I would come faster, I was gtting closer and closer and then I begged miss tress to let me cum but she said no. I was so close now, I was in agony wanting to cum, I was moaning and shaking and then she said to stop. I was denied the orgasm and stopped. Then I was pulled by my neck leash and told to turn over. I turned and could feel juice run down my thighs, then I was told to bow and then pulled to leave. At the car I was put in the back like a dog and driven away.

July 19th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for July 19, 2008

Punishment part 1

For running away I was taken to a golf course with Mistress, she talked to me as we walk the first hole and then at the second hole she told me to strip, I looked at her thinking she joke, but she commanded strip!, I started to remove mo clothes until I was naked, then was told to put on knee pads and gloves and then to get on hands and nees. I then had a spread bar put between my ankles and another between my knees to keep my pussy on display. They Mistress added a blind fold and a leash to a collar on my neck so I was bare and blind and said I was to crawl round the course with her and do as told. At the third hole as we walked to the start place, there were a crowd of japan businessmen waiting there. I crawled with mistress to them and she commanded me to turn my back to them to display my ass and to finger myself for them while they wait. I was totally embarrassed and could only hear voices but did as told. We continued and she talked to me through the course, I didn’t hear so many people but occasionally could hear the carts pass us and a few people pass comments. Later I heard many voices, I guessed we were at the club house, she told me to turn over and lay on my back, the spreader bar forced my legs open so my pussy was completely on display. Then, Mistress told me I was to play with muself until told to stop, I heard steps and voices and clapping and I started to touch myself while laying there on my back, no idea how many people were watching me or if they were pre-arranged club members or golf players out to play who got a free show. I was about to cum and Mistress said to me. Chihiro dear, don’t you come, not without my permission and don’t you dare slow down. I was building and building to an orgasm and could not slow, I now if touch myself lighter I would come faster, I was gtting closer and closer and then I begged miss tress to let me cum but she said no. I was so close now, I was in agony wanting to cum, I was moaning and shaking and then she said to stop. I was denied the orgasm and stopped. Then I was pulled by my neck leash and told to turn over. I turned and could feel juice run down my thighs, then I was told to bow and then pulled to leave. At the car I was put in the back like a dog and driven away.

June 15th 2008 - Slave Chihiro

Entry for June 15, 2008

I ran away - so took a while to get courege to post this:

Those of you who are regular readers will know that Mistress Lisa gave a challenge to the masters and mistresses of the club. The command was to be really intense and to have me go to my step dads in a provcative dress (short skirt, no underwear and short crop top) to clean the house and wax house flors so that he could see me which would embarass me. Then I would be taken to the club dressed in school uniform tied to an X cross and stripped and my step dad would be invited to torture me, however he would not know it was me as I would have to wear a hood. There was also a plan to involve insects torture with him watching and then the next day more cleaning but it was up to the club.

The club read the request and thought it was good and highly suitable for pushing me to the limit and seeing if my training was working but as usual they would add there own area and change some.

I was commanded not to shave for three weeks and last weekend was in morning a limo cam to my flat and mistress owner of club came to see me, she commanded me to call my step dad and offer to go and clean. I did it right then and while did, she picked clothes for me. A short stretch skirt, white knee length socks, short white crop top and knickers, saying the skirt was too short. This made me relax a lot.

I was then bundled into the car and driven to my step dad’s house and ordered to go the the door with a bag that the mistress gave me full of cleaning tools and cleaners and cloths but before she let me get out she commanded me to remove my knickers laughing saying how could I imagine that I would be allowed to go in with those illegal clothing items on. Then a small egg was pushed inside me with a short tail which I was told was an antenna and a pager attached to the waist of skirt.

I removed them and pulled the skirt down and then went to the door, my step dad opened when I rang the bell and let me in, he looked at me and smiled and looked pleased, I know he fantasisy about me and always tries to see between my legs and down my top. I was embarrassed. I collected the duster and began dusting the house while he talked and watched, then I vacuumed the house and all rooms and then as I was finishing the vacuum I felt the pager buzz. I looked and it said now I was to wash the floor on hands and knees. I went to get the cleaner and cloths and dropped to my hands and knees keeping step dad infront of me and began to wash and talk with him as I went, I knew my skirt was ride up my thighs and wanted to keep him infront of me. We talked and I washed the floor well. Then my pager went again. I looked and it said wash the woodern stairs on hands and knees. I asked step dadto go upstairs and hold the bucket while I cleaned, he was trying to see down my top and was happy to stay infront of me – I cleaned and got down about three steps and the door bell rang. I said I would get it, but quickly my step dad came past me downstairs and opened the door. I was horrified to see my Mistress there. She was dressed differently and went into the hall with step dad and talked, then my pager buzzed and it read – ‘Master says open your knees more so your legs are spread’ – I opened slightly and then I felt the egg buzz inside me. The pager buzzed again and this time said ‘I can’t see you but I want those knees at least shoulder width’. I was getting exited because of the egg inside me buzzing away and cleaning the stairs trying to concentrate when I heard Mistress comment that it was a pretty sight, my step dad was looking up and could view of his step daughters ass and clearly he could see my pussy. I closed my legs tight and then step dad and Mistress went to the lounge. The stairs finished I walked in and knew I hadto be very respectful as Mistress was there. She looked at me and said ‘Hello child, how old are you, I said I was 18 and nodded. ‘

Mistress said ‘Seems to are helping your father well, and asked why we looked diferent’ Step dad said that she was step daughter from first marriage and that I was not his and she smiled in approval, she said that it was good to see a girl clean for her family and looked to me saying, ‘don’t you think the floor here should be waxed, but you should be quiet and careful while your step dad and I are talking. Perhaps it best if you do it on your hand and knees so as not to be in the way.’ I nodded and said I agreed and got the wax and cloths to start wax the floor. Then Mistress said ‘start in the corner over there, pointing opisite and rub from the wall working back to us that way you will not be in the way’. Step dad said ‘wow you are quite stern with treating children and she said, yes I have much practice’

I went to the corner and at that time Mistress pulled out some papers and I saw the club logo, there were some images and she glared at me as if to continue with her orders. I herad her say to my step dad: ‘So, we have a club in the city and it may interest you since you spend a lot of time alone, we cater to many interests and some which are more unusual, some come to watch and some invited to involve, here is one where a girl is dancing, I looked and he was looking at the papers, here is one where the girl is removing some clothes, and here we have a special area where some guys and girls like to treat the girls as slaves and administer punishments. Does that interest you at all?’ My Step dad said – well yes, yes it does a lot, what kind of punishments’ – ‘ Oh all sorts replied Mistress, spanking etc, some of the girls are quite young like your step daughters age and as she said that the buzzer egg started in side me and I glanced over my shoulder to see that he was looking at the pictures and Mistress she was looking at me and motioned to open my legs more, I did and then she said, now imagine a young butt to spank, a little like that one there and pointed at me. Step dad looked at me and I was horrified. Mistress had the egg turned on and my legs open and me on hands and knees with my bum and likely my pussy lips must be on display and I was getting more and more wet. I continued to wax the floor knowing now that while they were talking that they were both starring at me. I continued to rub and realized also that as I moved back across the floor I was getting further from the wall and closer to them meaning they saw me even more and more clearly. The buzzer stopped and started from time to time to keep me teased and I was so red. Must be Mistress had the control. Mistress then said ‘Girl, seems you are not rubbing hard enough, take the cloth with hands and arms vertical from shoulders and with knees still on the ground push the cloth away from you with hands until body is almost flat on floor and then pull back up, it is better to clean. I knew this would expose me more and for sure would cause my skirt to ride up more showing (if I wasn’t already) my little puss and lips. Then she left the buzzer on making it really hard for me to do it without collapsing on the floor. I finished the floor and stood up and bowed. She said I did a good job and my step dad thanksed me and looked into my eyes, I was red, very red. I went to the door and got them some tea and then left and went outside and around corner to find the car waiting. 15 minutes later Mistress came out and came to the car and got inside. She looked at me and told me I had done well but now that I needed to be prepared for the next part. Clearly I had heard her talk to step dad about the club and he now knew but would she have invited him tonight. The car drove away and I was taken to the club directly where when we entered I was stripped completely and told to be waxed. My pussy and legs were completely waxed to make me super tender and bare. Then the wardrobe was open and I saw my actual school dress – I was surprised but then realized it was a copy made but my school student number was printed on the skirt and blouse. I was told to dress in it, white socks, blue skirt and blouse, skirt was shortened and blouse tightened to make it just squeeze my boobs.

I was then taken into a room and sat astride a wooden horse with legs each side, the horse was a triangle shape so it ran into my puss and pushed against my lips, my legs were tied and weights put on them and I was left there to wait for an hour. Afterwards I was released and sent to the room to wait.

Later I was collected and a hood put on my head so I could not see. Mistress said. Right girl – here goes, lets see. You look different now, nice and bare but your school numbers is on display. Lets see what happens.

I was walked out and stood behind the curtains, I knew the place well, it had a cold wind there. Mistress went out and there was a big appluse. She announced that tonight was a new night for some but for one it would be special and she called my step dad. I heard a clap from the audience and he came out. Mistress announced that it was his first time and that they should bare with him and support him and to be kind tonight they had laid on a nice new school girl at which time I was brought out with my hood on. I was walked to the stage and paraded up and down and then taken to the ‘X’ cross and told to stand up, my leg was lifted and attached to the left and then my other stretched out and attached to the right, it was set very very wide tonight so I would be very much open. Then my hands and wrists spread and tied to the cuffs. My hood covered me well but I could see out of the base. Mistress announced that I was 18 only and that I was nice and fresh and had been prepared well. She asked the crowed if they liked my uniform and told them to look closely saying it can be identified as one from a real school. I was horrified but was not sure if my step dad knew my number and school code. The corwd shouted to remove my skirt and blouse and expose my little body and I could here my step dad joining in the chanting. Then Mistress announced. Right if that is what the crowed wanted then step dad could cut off my skirt and blouse. Then I felt a hand grab my blouse and scissors cutting and suddenly my boob popped free, then the hand grabbed my skirt and a snip where the buttons fasten and it was unwrapped from me and I was there in my socks and hood and my body was naked and shaven there infront of him. I could see through the hood but he could not see in. I knew it was him. I was horrified, Mistress stepped forwards and asked him is he liked what he saw and he nodded, she said did I look a little like hi step daughter and he didn’t comment, a tear rolled down my face as I was so humiliated. Then before I knew it I felt a strong vibe pushed between my legs and against my clit. I was coming before I knew it and trying so hard not to speak or say anything that would further identify me but it was so hard, I am so sensitive I was coming and shaking on the cross and unable to close my legs or avoid the vibe which was right against my swollen and exposed clitty, I must have come about 8 times before it wa moved away from me. Then he was handed a pin wheel and ran it over my pussy and stabbed around my clitty making it swell more and more and more. I was panting and Mistress said ‘Girl are you begging for him to stop?’ but I could not speak, I know she wanted me too but it would identify me, I was too afraid but my silence meant he could continue. He then was handed an electric wand and electrocuted my clit making me cum more and more, I yelped out and he stopped at once looking toward my hooded face, I was afraid for a few seconds and then Mistress said ‘Don’t stop, you are making her want more, electrocute it.’ He pushed the setting up and put it against my pussy making me jump and shout and then my clit I could barely stand any more. Then he stopped and the crowed were applauding and telling him what to do and they all started to chant Whip / Whip / Whip / Whip. He was handed a whip and told to whip my breasts. He did and did it really hard making my nipples really sting, then they attached clothes pegs to my nipples and told him to whip them off which he did repeating this over and over. Then Mistress said, what about that little pussy, don’t you think she is begging for the whip? Lets ask her.

‘Girl’, she said, ‘Tell your new abuser if you would like him not to whip your little tight wet pussy, Beg him if you want him not to whip it else stay silent if you wish him to whip you hard’ I knew she was playing with my head. I knew I must stay silent and did so she chose a harsh whip and handed it to my step dad showing him how to use it, she then took it back and told him that he needed to use it sich that the tips just struck my pussy and ideally my clitty and said she would show him how that could be done. She then stood infront of me for the first time for a long while and raised the whip to target me and then with a whoosh it struck between my legs landing perfectly on my lips and my clit making me scream out. Then again and again making me scream. Then it was handed to my step dad who seemed to be intensely watching. He lifted and targeted and then whoosh it landed hard on my pussy but was not so bad as Mistress. Then again and again, then continued pushed by the crowed shouting out to target more and more. Then Mistress came and said ‘Here allow me to get her petals open’ She took the whip and hit a few precise strokes to my lips and clit, my lips startedto open and she continued to whip them, my lips loose being hit and opening to expose my inner flesh and pink. Then she took her hand and fingers and opened me up and said now I would stay open, she said she knew my pussy well and that now it would make a better target, she also pulled my clit hood right back so he could target that. He cracked the whip and the tip hit directly on my clit making me scream, mistress laughed and said ‘Perfect’ now more, he repeated the same and again landed another stroke right on my exposed clit but this time harder making it swell, then Mistress looked at his smile and said. ‘Hmmm you like to torture her most sensitive area and hear her sqeel’? He smiled and looked right at my hooded head and nodded. She took the long whip from his hand and replaced it with a smaller whip and said: ‘Then this is your best bet, use this in circleuar movement with the tips hitting her pusst lips and clit, best if the the whip runs up between her legs as that will target the clit better.’

He looked at me and lifted the whip high and then looked closely at my pussy, I was almost in tears of embarrassment and humiliation, here was my step dad, the one who had watched me so close for years looking at my legs and my top and trying to get a peek and now did he know it was me tied open here with my boobs out and nipples hard and pointing at him and my most sensitive little pussy splayed wide open through the punishment he was delivering to my little shaven area, did he know he was torturing his own step daughters clit I wandered and the horror in my mind if they told him or if he realized or knew from the school number. He started spinning the whip and bringing the tips closer and closer to my pussy, I could feel the air as it got closer, Mistres said ‘Just the tips, tease her with it’ He brought it closer and closer and then it started to strike my pussy lips, with this he could adjust very fast the target moving from lips, slightly up and hitting my clit and then back to my open puss which now was open wider and wider with my lips totally spread on their own, I felt completely ashamed and a few tears ran from my eyes as he continued, I was cumming again and again and was getting close to a limit where I would have to shout out, Mistress sensed this and said ‘You have her, she is surrender to your whip, see the juices running from her, she is staying quiet but she is cumming – we know this little one, she cums a lot for the whip on her little pussy!’ With that he looked between my legs and continued the circle whipping, I was so close to screaming to beg to stop but bit my lip and tried to hold out, ‘Mistress asked ‘Should we stop torturing your pretty little pussy now slave girl? It is really red?’ – ‘Tell him if you want him to stop and if you want to take a breath’

I stayed silent, well silent as I could, teeth tight together, I could feel another orgasm building and was holding my teeth so strong it was building fast inside me, the whipe continued its fast strokes on my lips and clit and with each stroke it was taking me higher, I wanted it to stop, I wanted that so much but couldn’t take my mind off it. Mistress was pushing him and directing him exactly what to do to take me further and further. It was so intense and she knew exactly what it was doing to me. She knew my body and my mind and how to push me. The whip continued to hit my lips making them jump and splay each time it strikes and every three or four times he would target my clit for two or three also. I was getting closer and closer to a huge orgasm and could now hear myself saying ‘No, Don’t I am too close’ to start with I was not aware but I suddenly heard myself saying it quietly, I don’t think he could hear with the crowd, but Mistress must have noticed the hood moving and quickly I felt her attatch something to my head, it was a microfone to make my whimpers and voice louder for the audience and for step dad. She said ‘Lets not miss anything this little slave says ha ha ha!’ I tried so hard now not to speak, I was making a yelp with each strike to my clit which I don’t think he would recognize and then suddenly he hit the clit really hard – I shout out…. ‘Ahhh shit not like that!’ – I looked immediately horrified and he was smiling now and the audience shouted ‘do that again’ do that again’. He spin the whip more and now every 5 or 6 strike he hit it really hard, each time it took me closer and closer to what felt like some super orgasm. I hadn’t been taken like this since Mistress did it previously a few months before. Each time the whip hit me hard I cried out, again Mistress said ‘Tell him if you want to stop or he will continue to go harder and longer’ she looked at him and said, ‘See her body craves the whip, make those sharp strokes even more sharp, lets see her explode with this orgasm, I think she has a big one building, perhaps you can make it happen’ This seemed to excite him a lot, he hit my clit really hard ‘Ahhhh please’ I shouted, then again and again ‘ The whip continued and I felt pressure building inside my, my body started to shake, I heard Mistress say ‘She is close – continue and don’t stop now’

He slapped the whip into my clitty over and over so fast now my body jumped up and shook like crazy, I could feel juices running from me and heard the crowd shouting – I waqs shouting too and he was still continuing to whip me, the orgasm went on and on and on like waves going through me, I was totally lost in the orgasm and honestly have no idea what I would have said – I just remember my body jumping and me straining against the cuffs on my arms and legs to try to escape the whip which continued, then suddenly my embarrassment reached a peek when I heard someone shout ‘Wow you made her squirt’ I very few times to do that, I guess now looking back it was all too much what with my step dad doing it but still he hadn’t stopped and I was still cumming. It seemed to go on forever and then Mistress took his hand and stopped him.

I relaxed on the cross and the crowd applauded and shouted. He turned to them and looked embarrassed also, he seemd to be in some dream or trans like state when he was delivering those strokes to me but now it seemed he too had come out and realized so many were watching. Then I heard him shout thankyou, and turn to me and say – Thankyou little slave girl.

Mistress said ‘Do you wish to give her a name? Perhaps you wish to call her your pussy slut or your squirt girl or what?’

He looked at me and then at Mistress and said ‘Anything’?

‘Yes’ she said of course – she is tied up and is exhasuetd – what you want to call her.

‘He looked at my hooded face and then looked up and down my body, his head came close to me and said ‘You are perfect but I will call you my Karen’

I could feel my eyes widening and was terrified that they would remove the hood, he seemed not to be fully aware that this was me, but still I wasn’t sure.

Mistress now came to the front of the stage and said ‘Our Mistress Lisa asked for this and also asked for her to be subjected to more humiliation with bugs and insects, we like that but will save that for another time, for now lets all thank our slave girl student for her obedience’. Everyone stood up and applauded, Master came forwards and I felt my arms un locked and then my legs, I was weak and could not stand, he picked me up and carried me out from the stage and into the back room. It was now very early in the morning and Master commented that I had done well. I was totally red faced and flushed and when I looked between my legs my lips were splayed really wide and were all swollen and my clit was sticking out like it had been vacuumed for the longest time. A cape was wrapped around me and I was told to sit and get my legs back, I was panting and breathing so heavily. Master then said, ‘You came more times than I can remember, we were not sure that your step dad would even come, and really not sure he would want to do anything, but seems he had a lot locked up inside him and enjoyed very much playing with you. Tonight you made everyone proud.’

Then he picked me up and carried me to the car and had Tanaka San drive me back to my apartment.

I got in and could barely get to my bed and collapsed exhausted and slept.

A few hours later I was woken up lying on my bed, it was Mistress, she had finished at the club and come to see me, Master was also standing at the bottom of my bed, I was naked and my hand and ankles were tied to the metal corner post of the bed. I must have really slep not to hear or feel them do that but what did they want. Mistress then attached a metal bat to the bedthat could extend and pulled it out between my legs, on the end she added two toys, one was a big vibe and the other was a electricity wand. She looked at me and said, my little pussy was super tender and since I had been spared the insects there were a few more things that were required. With that she turned on the vibe and the electricity and pushed them sgainst me, I jumped, I was so tender there and so sensitive, it was immediately too much and I screamed out. She looked at me and grinned saying that it was a first for me not to be allowed to recover properly, infact she said, she wanted me to look red and sore again cause she liked that look and wanted to see it again.

She turned up the electric and the vibe and left them on while she went to make herself a drink, Master sat at the foot of the bed watching me squirm – I lay there and tried to relax as I felt he liquid start to run from me again – Master sat smiling looking and said – ‘Karen, you look good and that little pretty pussy is a lovely shade of red and so so tender after last night’s punishment. You are being rewarded with a house visit.’

When Mistress returned I was shaking as the shocks ran through me, she adjusted the contact to make it shock right on my most tender exposed place and pushed the vibe up between my lips harder and then she too sat down. ‘I’m thinking of a number she said to the Master, can you guess what it is?’ He looked back at her and then looked at me on the bed squirming and said 20’

She smiled and said, ‘Hmm I was thinking of 8 but your new 20 is good, Slave, you will remain there until you have cum 20 times and each time you will thank your Master and Mistress for allowing you to cum.’

I looked at them and said, ‘but I already came 3 times’, ‘ well then you better start thanking us’ said Mistress. I quickly began to thank them as the next orgasm jumped through my body, this was their idea of fun but I was really suffering, usually I was allowed a week to recover at least but this was barely a few hours and I could not believe how sensitive I was. The shocks were a short throb and the vibe was making sure there was no rest for me, I was cumming quite fast amd knew soon that the ordeal would be over and I would be allowed to rest. I thanked them as I reached 18 and then 19th orgasm and then Mistress turned the vibe and electric to full and said ‘Ahh lets make it 25, this is fun’ I nodded and thanked them for the care and gritted my teeth as the next one shuddered through my body, between my legs was soaking wet, the bed was almost a pool of my juices and I was still cumming. The last 6 came fast due to the new settings and I could barely keep up with thanking the Master and Mistress between each orgasm but knew if I failed there would be more. With that completed Mistress turned off the vibe and the electric and removed the bar to inspect my pussy. Then she took the master to me and said ‘You’re turn, I think a nice good hand slapping would be the best, don’t you?’ Master nodded and told me to prepare a deep breath. With that his hand came down between my legs and hard on my pussy, then again over and over and over striking me really sharply and hard, it felt like I was stung by bees it was so sensitive. He delivered 20 also and then looked at my super red pussy. Mistress untied me and applied some cream to my hand and said ‘Now dear, you may rub this in’ I started to rub it into my pussy and around my lips and clit thinking it would sooth, but suddenly I felt burning, the cream tube was blank and silver and they were laughing, it was a mix of vitamin skin cream and heat muscle rub. ‘Good good, you did it to yourself girl, we had a bet as to if you would do it. Now it seems you are ready to go out again – go dress, same as you did yesterday, we are going out.’

I went to the bedroom and dressed in my short stretch skirt and socks and my crop top again as ordered and returned to the living room. Master lifted the skirt pulling the waist and then said, good it will do as he folded down a new seam at the top and opened the door to leave. We drove for a short while and arrived at my step dad’s house. I screamed ‘No – not here’ They said, ‘Hush child, we are going in and then you will come in and visit. You will sit with us and talk to your step dad. Failure to do so will bring a far worse punishment.

In they went and after about ten minutes Tanaka San told me to go inside and join them. I walked to the door and greeted my step dad with my head down, he asked why the visit and I said I had fgorgotten one area that needed to be waxed. He smiled and said ‘good girl but we have guests, the lady from yesterday and her husband or friend are here’ I smiled and said ‘oh shall I not do it’? When a voice came from the living room ‘Ahh, your little step daughter, how nice, I suppose she comes to see you are ok?’, ‘No’ replied step dad ‘she missed an area of the floor wax and has come to finish but she can do it later’. ‘No need,’ replied Mistress, come in child and carry on and remember what I told you yesterday.’

I kneeled on the floor and began to push my arms out with the wax cloth knowing how this would likely make my bum exposed, I turned away so not to show and they let me for a while and then Mistress said ‘You have missed a bit right there in the middle, come here to me and work away from us, it will clean better and we can watch to make sure it is clean, if you do well I may have a job for you at my house someday’ she said laughing. I continued and pushed my arms forwards and back, forwards and back my hips raised and shoulders dropping as the cloth was pushed out, I was deadly embarrassed knowing my bum must be on display but at least my legs were together, if he saw anything now he would see maybe lips but that would be e,barassing and humiliating enough. I did it and finished and Mistress said come and sit down with us all. She turned to my step dad and asked if he had a good time, she then turned to me and said, ‘you are almost the same age you know, he seemed to meet a girl just like you last night’ and she laughed. Then she turned to my step dad and said ‘Can you imagine – the girl last night, good family or poor family, you know all sorts join, perhaps one day it could be her’ He laughed and said very little clearly embarrassed a little to discuss infront of me what he had done but in his eyes I could see him looking at my legs and at my exposed belly. Mistress also saw the look and said ‘Ahh you find her attractive do you? She is quite pretty isn’t she.’ She turned to the Master who was nodding in agreement. ‘You probably wish you could command her to do things and see her obey, wouldn’t that be fun’ Said Mistress. My step dad nodded and laughed and said ‘Hmm that wouyld be the day’

At that moment Mistress said ‘Kneel!’ I looked at her and frozen, I was horrified, she looked again and said ‘Yu would not ignore a guest to your house now would you?’ I moved from the sofa and knelt on the floor infront of them all. ‘Better’ she said, now show what a good daughter you are and drop your head in respect to your step dad and thank him for putting up with you even you are not his’ I dropped my head and said ‘Thanks daddy, thanks for making me feel like family’

Mistress then barked and said, ‘I don’t think that was exactly what I said, but allowed.’ Then she said lift your arms up above your head and clasp your fingers together’ I did it at once. ‘Now put them behind your head’ I did as ordered. Step dad was fascinated and starring at me kneeling on the floor my little skirt almost exposing myself and my hands now in a submiss state behind my head’ Now spread wide those knees!!’ barked Mistress, I looked at her and dropped my head. ‘SPREAD WIDE THOSE KNEES’ she shouted. I looked at the floor. ‘NOW QUICKLY’ She said, I spread my knees and looked down, my skirt came right up my legs and my pussy was completely exposed, it was bright red and open and very wet and I was almost in tears’

‘Hmm she seems excited and a looks like she has been enjoying something’ said Mistress, she really is quite prefect down there’ she commented, ‘Don’t you think’ she said pointing and looking at step dad who was now transfixed looking at me and a little red. ‘Now stand’ I stood up before them and dropped my head. ‘You see she said, most girls will answer when then are scared and sense control, even your own stp daughter. ‘Lift that skirt’ she barked, I stood legs together and lifted my skirt up, my little red pussy slit was now on display infront of my step dad again. He was looking and shocked. ‘Enough’ said Mistress, now go. I picked up the wax and put it away and nodded and bowed to them all and left the front door and ran down the street. I was in shock and horrified and worried and scared and crying – I kept running to the end of the road to the station and bought a ticket and went to my aunts. I have been there now for 2 weeks which is why you all had to wait for this update. I am sorry you all were made to wait but I was too humiliated to return immediately. I know this will probably cost me somehow, some Mistresses and Masters have already mentioned that in my blog.